2 in 1 Software


For the augmented reality app, tracking geometry is automatically created from the CAD data. The elements to be tracked, shown or hidden from the assembly can be defined in advance. With SuPAR 2021.2 version, the free/unlicensed Composer application can be used as a viewer. When used as a Viewer, the user can open the review report with CAD data and check the review results in 3D.


With our augmented reality tracking (image comparison in real time), an interactive inspection of the component is carried out here. For example, errors are documented directly in 3D and saved for the SuPAR ™ Viewer. An auto Excel export including error and photo log is also possible.



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Variant Control

It provides quality control using Augmented Reality.

Augmented Distant Services

CDMVision’s new cutting edge solution, Augmented Distant Services, is a powerful support tool, bringing your workforce together and allowing them to collaborate and communicate effectively anywhere, anytime.


Multi-user Augmented Reality application (HoloZee™) is designed for information and entertainment purposes. The application lets users explore the current air traffic around a given airport using HMDs (HoloLens) or tablets (ArKit enabled iPad)...

CAD2AR Framework

A content authoring framework for fast and efficient conversion of CAD and scanned models to low poly and high visual fidelity models runnable on low power graphics devices such as MS HoloLens or smart phones.