CDMVision’s new cutting edge solution in AR , Augmented Distant Services, that has been developed with the 20 years of expertise behind the brand is an easy to use powerful support tool, bringing your workforce together and allowing them to collaborate and communicate effectively anywhere, anytime.

Different locations and distances between your teams are no longer an issue. They can work together as if they are together, saving you time and money.

Your organization’s experts can effectively communicate real-time assistance to technicians facing complex challenges. Using HoloLens or tablets, ADS, helps on-site and off-site workforce to communicate efficiently through not only voice and video, but also with three-dimensional spatial information such as text, dynamic drawings, anchors, augmented pings, 3D models and animations and holograms. ADS,enables expert guidance anywhere with real-time communications to connect a field technician with an expert so that the expert can see and discuss the situation in the field. The technician and expert draw digital annotations that accurately anchor to physical objects, allowing the expert to guide the technician through a process, step-by-step.

How Will ADS Benefit You?

Reduce Service Costs and Increase Workforce Efficiency:

In today’s rapidly moving world, traditional ways of sharing expertise is inefficient. Wİth Augmented Distant Services, with the simple instructions, complex problems can be solved quickly and accurately. Your experienced workforce can help your technical team members to solve the problems quickly thus reducing the equipment downtime as well, without any travel costs.

Empower Your Workforce and Provide Faster Technician Training:

With ADS, you can empower technicians with remote expert guidance for service and increase information retention and accuracy with ad-hoc assistance from a supervisor. Remote mentoring of new technicians via ADS, enables the effective transfer of knowledge of more experienced workers to the rest of your workforce.

Improve Service Quality:

Both expert and technician can accurately mark up live views to highlight details or guide solutions.

Live view of work space:

With ADS, the technician can take e view of the work space in a few seconds and give a 3D view to the expert on the other side, allowing the expert to guide the technician as if he is on the field.

Worldwide use independent of location:

3G/4G İnternet connection is sufficent for the necessary data for AR to be transfered. The easy use of the application with Hololens or ipad and the lightness of the hardware needed enables you to give remote assistance independent of location.



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Augmented Distant Services

CDMVision’s new cutting edge solution, Augmented Distant Services, is a powerful support tool, bringing your workforce together and allowing them to collaborate and communicate effectively anywhere, anytime.


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